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The filming of Uncertain Glory begins.

When the truckload leaves the production warehouse on Calle de la Granada towards Huesca loaded with soldier's clothes, furniture, weapons, make-up boxes and hairdressing, you know that finally, the path of no return begins. a movie. But until the close-up is shot, until the sound of the clapperboard and the scream of action resonates for the first time amid the spectral silence of the whole team you don’t know that what was once an idea, just a suggestion, a remote possibility, will now be a palpable reality called Incerta Glòria, written by Joan Sales and directed by Agustí Villaronga and if it goes well, it can upset people's emotions and if it goes even better, it can turn collective situations upside down.


This is the privilege of the producer who, once he has conceived, designed and financed the project, can distance himself from it for a few moments and breathe more calmly after the first but definitive stage to start filming. Breathing happily, this is what I do now, perched on a bell tower of the Carthusian Monastery of Monegros surrounded by this earthy and magnificent landscape and watching the tingling of people doing their work with a clock discipline, the electric mounting spotlights, the props placing objects, actors rehearsing movements; this fleeting moment, makes the producer feel like the almighty creator who made it possible and a few seconds later he feels the tiny piece of a perfect gear where everyone on the team is giving the best of himself with the conviction that from there the art will come out. A slight pressure on the director's back, all motionless in front of the monitor reflecting what the cameras frame and action! Marcel Borràs, a shy republican soldier, looks trapped like an insect in a cobweb, the mature and disturbing beauty of Núria Prims, lit by candles by JM Civit, the Carlana of the castle that will shake her immovable principles. before the outbreak of the war, which, like all wars, turns it upside down by removing from the extreme situations to which human beings are subjected what is worst and what is best, too. The horses that will be ridden by the two friends, Lluís and Soleràs, arrive when the Aragonese afternoon falls, reddish and the team retires tired and happy until tomorrow when the sun rises to start the second day of filming of this Uncertain Glory that it's already a movie.



Isona Passola

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