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THE NEXT DAY, the film about the Own State, by Isona Passola

I want to present you the next film that we will make with the team that made CATALONIA / SPAIN and BLACK BREAD and that will give arguments so that in the referendum to make Catalonia a State, the YES is majority.

The strength of the community has made it possible in recent months to accelerate the debate and the process that can lead us to Independence. It’s a unique opportunity and we don’t have time to waste.

This documentary film will gather with twenty-five topics, the opinions of the best national and international specialists to dispel the fear of the undecided and will talk about a new and radically democratic state, to excite those who think that there is no nothing to do and a web-series called PILLS AGAINST FEAR will be released.

We will finance the documentary and the web-series through the usual audiovisual channels but, as they are insufficient because it must be of cinematic quality, to do so we open a popular alternative to participate through the micro-patronage offered by the web. of Verkami. Through the link at the end of the letter you can make donations from € 10, contributions for which you will also get rewards.

Thank you very much, do not doubt that with your help we will make possible, even more, the victory!

Help us get to THE NEXT DAY !

Isona Passola

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