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2018 has started very well for Uncertain Glory; not only has it been the most nominated film (16 nominations) at the X Gaudí Awards , it has also been the most awarded! We took home 8 statuettes…

Best Female Protagonist for Núria Prims
Best Supporting Actor for Oriol Pla
Best Production Direction by Aleix Castellón
Best Photography by Josep M. Civit
Best Sound for Xavier Mas, Ricard Galceran and Fernando Novillo
Best Costumes for Mercè Paloma
Best Makeup and Hairdressing for Alma Casal
Best Visual Effects by Bernat Aragonès and Lolo López Egea

But Uncertain Glory has also been recognized on the auteur film circuit both nationally and internationally. Let's take a look at all the festivals the film has been through…

Uncertain Glory was screened at the 65th San Sebastian Festival . It could be seen in the Made in Spain section, which shows the most important Spanish films of the year.
Similarly, the Valladolid International Film Week (Seminci) also wanted to include it in the Spanish Cinema section. At the Goya Awards , Uncertain Glory was nominated for Best Adapted Screenplay, for its work adapting Joan Sales' novel to the big screen. In addition, the film has received a special mention from the jury at the FIC-CAT (International Catalan Film Festival).

And our actors have not fallen short either… Núria Prims has won the award for the performance of Carlana, the spider woman. She has been nominated for Best Leading Actress at four festivals (Gaudí Awards, Feroz Awards, Cartellera Turia and CineHórizontes Awards) of which she has won three, the Gaudí, Cartellera Turia and CineHórizontes (France).
Oriol Pla, who plays the complicated character of Soleràs, has also been nominated repeatedly (Gaudí Awards, Feroz Awards and CineHórizontes) and has won a statuette at the X Gaudí Awards and CineHórizontes for Best Supporting Actor.

We have won a total of 22 nominations, 11 national and international awards, and several screenings at some of the best film festivals worldwide… We would like to deeply thank the great work of the entire team that participated. The glory is less and less uncertain!

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