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Here we present the Making Of of Uncertain Glory. If you want to know the secrets behind the cameras, you're in the right place:

It was done by Ariadna LaGarsi (calibration) and Zak Ramis, who also acted as editors together with Pere Sastre.

You can see how the whole team of Uncertain Glory worked hard to recreate the front of Aragon during the Spanish Civil War. It was almost two months of filming (from May 2 to June 26), in which it was shot in locations in Aragon and Catalonia (Sariñena, Barluenga, Pallareuelos de Monegros, Angüés, Castejón de Monegros, Alquézar, Casbas, Quicena , Alcubierre, Leciñena, Belchite, Caminreal, La Garriga, Jafre de Ter, Rubí, Barcelona and Santa María de Merlès).

It’s been hard work, but the result is a great experience for the entire film crew. We are left with the satisfaction, enthusiasm and desire that everyone has put into it. If you liked the film, you can not miss its creative process to better understand the why of the magic that gives off Uncertain Glory.

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