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Title: Per on passa el futur (Where the future pas)


Producers: Isona Passola (executive production), Jordi Ambròs (executive production TVC), Aleix Castellón (director of production), Joan Pavon (delegated production TVC) Alba Forn (delegated production)


Director: Isona Passola 


Script: Isona Passola i Joan Dolç 


Sound: Ignasi Soler i Paco Casted  


Director of photography: Carles Mestres  


Editor: Joan Dolç i Ignasi Soler  


Cast: Documentary


Genre: Documentary 


Release: 2012


Length: 55 minutes


The Documentary talks about “Corredor del Mediterrani” concretely about the ambition of the project and the way this project is directly related to the future of Catalonia, meanwhile the Spain government wanted to do the same but making it pass through Madrid.

The Documentary make a reflection about the challenges that confront the project, the existence of another big transportation axle.


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