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Isona Passola, very excited, says: “we are pleasantly surprised by the response of the citizens to the proposal of L'ENDEMÀ. It is a realization of the exciting and hopeful moment that the country is experiencing. For us, in addition to a joy, to be able to move forward THE NEXT DAY represents a challenge and a commitment with all those who have placed their trust in us while encouraging us ”.

Through the micro-patronage process THE NEXT day it has reached the figure of € 348,830 thanks to the contribution of 8,101 patrons. This is a milestone at European level, as never before had the € 153,000 been exceeded.

Since the budget of the film is € 600,000, work is being done to cover the rest of the funding with co-producers and co-participants, which will make possible not only the production, but its maximum dissemination.

The communication channel from where you can follow the film's production process and continue collaborating is:

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