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El Mar

Title: El Mar (The see)


Producers: Isona Passola (executive prduction), Lluís Ferrando (delegated production), Isidre Terraza  (director of production )


Director: Agustí Villaronga   


Script: Antoni Aloy, Biel Mesquida, Agustí Villaronga 


Soundtrack: Javier Navarrete


Photgraphy: Jaume Peracaula


Editor: Raul Román  


Cast: Roger Casamajor, Bruno Bergonzini, Antonia Torrens, Juli Mira, Simón Andreu, Ángela

Molina, Hernán González, Nilo Mur, David Lozano


Genre: Drama 


Release: 1999


Length: 111 minutes 


Majorca at 1947. Manuel Tur and Andreu Ramallo meet again in a sanatorium, they are sick of tuberculosis after living their childhood together during the civil war.

Each one tries to get over the illness and death in different ways. Manuel decides to shelter inside religion, extremely, meanwhile, Andreu will try in any way to leave the island making money from a little contraband business which Eugeni, the pharmacist of the village, helps him in exchange for sexual favors. 

Little by little, Manuel's stance is compromised when he realizes that his feelings toward Andreu are more than just a friendship, making betrayals and revenge end up with a tragic end.  



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