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Title: Cucut


Producers: Isona Passola and Xarxa de comunicació local (executive production) and Aleix Castellón (production director).


Direction: Laura Jou and Fernando Trullols Santiago


Script: Hèctor Vernández Vicens, Anaïs Schaaff, Ferran Folch,
isaac Sastre, Mateu Adrover and Júlia Prats


Soundtrack: Arnau Bataller


Director of photography: Julián Elizalde and Andreu Adam


Editor: Bernat Aragonés and Raúl Román 


Cast: Biel Rossell, María Morera, Isaac Alcayde, Marc Martínez, Anna Sabaté, Jordi Figueras,  David Bagés, Joan Amargós, Lluís Febrer


Genre: Drama


Release: 2021


Length: 250 minutes


Sara (15) runs away from home when she finds some letters from her mother. She discovers that
her mother has a lover and that she is not her father's daughter. Pep (14), a boy who spends his
summers in Sara's village where her grandmother lives, is completely in love with his friend and
goes out looking for her. When he finds her, he realizes that Sara is never coming back and that
she is hiding a secret. Pep joins her on her escape with the intention of finding out what she is
hiding and how he can help her.



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