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Maria i Assou

Title: Maria and Assou


Producers: Isona Passola, (Malvarrosa Media), Gervasio Iglesias (La Zanfoña Producciones),

Paz Cadaval (Imago Producciones) (executive production), Tom Roca (executive production

TVC), Aleix Castellón (production director), Lluís Ferrando (delegated production)


Director: Silvia Quer


Script: Teresa Vilardell, Miguel Casamayor


Sound: Daniel de Zayas, Paco Casted


Soundtrack: Pablo Cervantes


Director of photography: Federico Ribes


Editing: Aberto Ortiza


Cast: Farah Hamed, Samia Akarriou, Younes Bachir, Ivana Baquero, Antonio Campos, Christian

Carrasco,Maika El-Omari, Carles Francino, Abdel Hamid Krim, Juli Mira, Víctor Pi, Miguel Ángel

Romo, María Ruiz, Pep Torrents


Genre: Drama


Release: 2005


Length: 85 minuts


Based on real events, Maria and Assou tell the story of a mixed-race couple that has been truncated by the murder of a Maghreb man in hands of a group of radicals. Maria overcomes depression with the help of their children and fights against the appearance of the racist radicals in the final court ruling so that his husband can rest in peace.


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