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Title: Utopia Iogurt (Utopia yogurt)


Producers: Isona Passola, David Baksh, Anna Thomson Teixidor i Adrian Pennick  (executive production), Jordi Ambròs (executive production, TVC), Aleix Castellón  i Alba Forn (production manager),  Joan Pavon (delegated production  tvc), Matthew Chojnacki (associate producer).


Director: Anna Thomson Teixidor and David Baksh


Script: Anna Thompson Teixidor


Soundtrack: Raül Refree


Director of photography: David Baksh


Editor: Ariadna Fatjó-Vilas and Mestre, Raúl Román and David Baksh


Animation and Motion Graphics: Joana Teixidor and Andrew Philip


Cast: Documentary


Genre: Documentary 


Release: 2017


Length: 54 minutes


This documentary talks about the fight of the psychologist Cristobal Colon to make a change in society, and teach them how to treat people with a hard disability using the integration of patients and their idiosyncrasy.



Utopia Iogurt laurel en gran .jpg
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