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Title: El manifest groc (Yellow manifest)


Producers: Isona Passola i Laetitia González (Les Films du Poisson) (executive production),

Jordi Ambròs (executive production TVC), Yaël Fogiel (associated production), Aleix Castellón (director of production), Lluís Ferrando (delegated production)


Director: Xavier Montanyà 


Script:  Xavier Montanyà


Realitzator: Agustí Vila


Camera operator: Oliver Chambon


Editor: Frank Guitiérrez


Cast: Documentary


Genre: Documentary 


Release: 2004


Lengths: 45 minutes


The documentary talks about the manifest made by Salvador Dali, the art critic Sebastià Gasch and literary critic Lluis Montanyà against the snobbish culture and in favor of the new modernity. 

It’s a historical analysis of the values, meaning, and repercussions that this manifest has, and set out why nowadays this critic of our culture is void or it is just an interest play.


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