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Title: Els de davant (Those in front)


Poducers: Isona Passola (executive production), Pierre Javaux (delegated production), Mayana Ledebur (production director)


Director: Jesús Garay 


Script: Jesús Garay, Fabrice Gardel, Louis Gardel 


Soundtrack: Béatrice Thiriet


Director of photography: Carles Gusi  


Editor: Albena Katerinska


Cast: Juanjo Puigcorbé, Estelle Skornik, Ben Gazzara, Carme Elías


Genre: Drama 


Release: 1993


Length: 95 minutes 


Adil Zeki, the new Turkey consul, arrives at Batum, a little city next to Georgia, (old URSS). He realizes the lack of interest in the Stalinist administration, and distrust of the people around him as well as the lack of vigor, make him isolated and get afraid of being poisoned, which happened to his ancestor. With the assassination attempts and being confronted with the Russian bureaucracy, he falls in love with his secretary, who is an enthusiastic follower of Stalin.


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