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Title: La vida sense la Sara Amat (The life without Sara Amat)


Producers: Isona Passola i Xarxa de comunicació local (executive production), Aleix  Castellón (production director),  Elisa Plaza (delegated production tvc), Alba Forn (delegated production)


Direction: Laura Jou 


Script: Coral Cruz


Soundtrack: Pau Vallvé


Director of photography: Gris Jordana 


Editor: Raúl Román 


Cast: Biel Rossell, María Morera, Francesca Piñón, Isaac Alcayde, Pau

Escobar, Joan Amargós


Genre: Drama


Release: 2019


Length: 75 minutes


Pep is a 13 years-old by who is in love with Sara. One summer night, Sara miss without a track, few hours later Pep found her hidden in his bedroom. She explains to him that she needs to escape from her house and asks him if she could stay with him for a few days.



Laurels premis_La vida sense la Sara Amat_edited.jpg
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