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Title: Pa Negre (Black Bread)


Producers: Isona Passola (executive production), Luís Ferrando  (delegated production), Elisa Plaza (delegated production TVC), Aleix Castellón (production director)


Director: Agustí Villaronga 


Script: Agustí Villaronga 


Soundtrack: José Manuel Pagán 


Director of photography: Antonio Riesta 


Editor: Raúl Román 


Cast: Francesc Colomer, Nora Navas, Roger Casamajor, Marina Comas, Laia Marull, Eduard Fernández, Sergi López, Lluïsa Castell, Mercè Arànega, Marina Gatell, Elisa Crehuet, Carles Suau, Jordi Pla, Pep Tosar.  


Genre: Drama 


Release: 2010


Length: 108 minutes


During the hard times of postwar in Catalonia, a boy called Andreu, who was on the loser side, found a dead body of a father and his child. The authorities want to guilt his father of the murder. Andreu will try to solve the mystery to save his father, during this search he wakes up with a moral conscience that makes him go against his beliefs and see that there are a lot of lies in the adult world.



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