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Title: Germanes de Sang (Blood Sisters)


Producers: Isona Passola i Lluís Ferrando (executive production), Tom Roca (executive production TVC), Aleix Castellón (director of production).


Director: Jesús Garay


Script: Teresa Vilardell, Maite Carranza


Sound: Joan Quilis/Marcos Martínez/


Soundtrack: Marcel Caselles


Director of photography: Tomàs Pladevall


Editing: Pere Abadal


Cast: Carme Elías, Pepa López, Rosa Novell, Vicky Peña, Fina Rius, Mireia Ros, Assumpta Serna, Emma Vilarasau, Juli Fàbregas, Esteve Ferrer, Ricard Boixadós, Enric Cusí

Genre: Drama

Release: 2001

Length: 90 minutes


Marga, a famous TV presenter, organizes a reunion dinner with some old partners from the nun's boarding school. Nevertheless, the real reason behind the dinner is to figure out who of them is the murderer of one of their old mates.


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