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Title: Valèria 


Producers: Lluís Ferrando (executive production), Elisa Plaza (executive production TVC), Isidre Terraza (director of production).


Director: Silvia Quer   


Script: Teresa Vilardell, Maite Carranza 


Sound: Xavier Berruezo, Kiku Vidal


Soundtrack: Javier Navarrete 


Director of photography: Xavi Gil


Editor: Jordi Puig  


Cast: Mercè Arànega , Julio Manrique , Xavier Elorriaga  


Genre: Drama


Release: 2000


Length: 90 minutes


Valeria is a sculptor primed for success, but all her life is going down when his son has an accident and the medics said that he will never have a normal life as a kid. 


At this moment she fights to help her son to return to a normal life, giving up everything to help him.



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