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Title: Cataluña - Espanya (Catalonia – Spain)


Producers: Jordi Ambròs (executive prodcution TVC), Lluís Ferrando (delegated production), Aleix Castellon (production director)


Director: Isona Passola 


Script: Jan Dolç, Isona Passola 


Soundtrack: Sergi López, Jaume Riera 


Director of photography: Carles Mestres 


Editor: Joan Dolç  


Cast: Documental


Genre: Política


Release: 2009


Length: 73 minutes


It’s an analysis of the relationship of Catalonia with Spain. It’s necessary to open up a modern and European dialogue. Because of that, the reflection it’s from a non-political point of view, it’s from a historical, economic, and philosophic point of view. That’s the reason why they bring thinkers of all tendencies, except politicians, whom they already have the media to express their message.


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