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Title: El Passatger Clandestí   (Clandestine passenger)


Producers: Isona Passola (executive production), Gerardo Herrero i Pierre Javaux (associated production), Isidre Terraza  (director of production)


Director: Agustí Villaronga     


Script: André Grall, Isona Passola i Pierre Javaux


Soundtrack: Béatrice Thiriet


Photography: Carles Guasi 


Editor: Amat Carreres   


Cast: Simon Callow, Jordi Dauder, Bruno Todeschini i Marcè Pons  Alexandre Zloto, Rosa

Novell, Joan Potau,, Josep Minguell, Fréderic Yrondi  


Genre: Drama 


Release: 1998


Length: 104 minutes


A giant cinema dies in a London mansion. The moment we see the inheritance, we discover that it goes to an unknown son called René Marechal. Owen, the only friend of the deceased, is decided to find this son. ​

During his research, on a cargo ship, discover a clandestine passenger, called Lota.


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