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Title: L’ endemà (Tomorrow)


Producers: Jordi Ambròs (executive production), Aleix Castellón i Alba Forn (production)


Director: Issona Passola 


Script: Issona Passola, Lluís Reales, David Cirici 


Soundtrack: Albert Guinovart  


Director of photography: Josep Maria Civit i Hug Cirici 


Editor: Raúl Román 


Cast: Documental   


Genre: Política 


Release: 2014


Length: 90 minutes


The right to vote is a fact. But what are we deciding? A large percentage of the population has so many doubts about how will be Catalonia as an Independent country, they don’t believe in the creation of a new country, and they doubt about the viability. The Catalan enterprise can lose the market and the jobs. L’Endemà, make clear all these doubts, analyze the reality with a critical eye, with an open mind and unconventional look. It’s making through the quotidian preoccupations of all the Catalans.  


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